Wayne Abbott – QHSE MANAGER, IK-UK Limited

  • In my current role as QHSE Manger objective is to maintain and protect health
    and safety standards within small and large engineering organisations in accordance with
    current health and safety legislation. I am passionate about high quality and Health and Safety I always endeavour to achieve the best possible to ensure all legislation and standards are adhered to at all times.

    I have been lucky enough to have travelled to various location within Europe and the UK on numerous projects whilst learning and meeting some fabulous characters, I have one great passion and that’s ensuring that people go home safe to their families.


    Title: “Promoting a positive safety culture in the workplace”


    Synopsis: This foundation must start with the organization’s leaders. When upper management is strongly committed to safety, the expectations and procedures for every organizational level below will pivot towards workplace safety. Cultural change doesn’t happen overnight, but with perseverance and a thorough understanding of metrics, accountability and communication, any company can improve safety culture in the workplace. With my experiences the culture comes from everybody on the job and in the office. So many times have I encountered the lack of pre planning and pushing production schedules. by this time it’s too late and away they go with getting it done. Then you encounter contractors giving their employees a piece of safety equipment and the employee has no idea how to properly use it or the supervisor has no idea what a safety culture really is because they’ve been given the supervisor position because they can produce the product on time and give the quality they need. My approach was to inform what was wrong and what was a better practice but they only pass it on to the employee who was non-compliant not the whole crew. Giving them the suggestion to use it as their next toolbox talk but that only works if they were doing the toolbox. As being safety for a controlling contractor there are so many challenges you have to be given the chance to help the worker and there supervisor’s but the production schedule tends to prevent you from really being able to have that opportunity in some cases. I have had assignments that the contractor had the culture already in place and it was there due to the disciplinary actions that were in place and the involvement of the management with the worker relationship.


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