Terry Kemp – Director EMEA, FineLine Technologies Inc.

    • Terry Kemp – Director EMEA, FineLine Technologies Inc.'s presentations

    Terry joined FineLine in June 2017 and is responsible for developing the barcode and RFID label business throughout EMEA. He has wide experience of delivering RFID products/solutions to the retail and supply chain markets. This experience was gained over a 20 year period working in the RFID industry as Business Development Director for SML Group, Sales Director for RF-IT Solutions GmbH (Austrian-based middleware provider), SVP for Trenstar Inc. (US-based systems integration and asset management company), and Director of KTP Ltd (a UK-based systems integration company). He is a graduate in business studies with a background in electrical engineering having previously worked for BP Exploration, British Telecom, National Power (UK) and Philips Electronics (Netherlands).


    Title: “The business benefits of RFID over barcode technology”


    Synopsis: I could explain how RFID is revolutionizing the apparel retail industry why this is now moving to the supply chain and other industries. I could tailor this to suite the audience based on your advice, but RFID is a hot topic and I could explain what its all about in a relatively non-technical way.


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