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    Stella Imadiyi is a Nigerian-British Citizen permanently resident in the United Kingdom. I have over 15 years of experience working in education sector. I have been working as an administrator at different levels in the public and private sectors. I have made presentations for many professional groups at both state and national levels in different countries. I have also been working as an assistant researcher for many years in different environmental areas especially in Nigeria.
    When I moved to Italy in 2002, I started advocating for women rights in Italy. This was because it was my main area of practice, where I worked with women in issues of welfare and women rights in Italy. I also worked as a counsellor for women who underwent civic abuse. I was known as a top defender of woman’s right as I was always appearing in courts and administrative tribunal.
    In the United Kingdom I have done some researches in the areas of health and safety in different companies. And given opportunities, I am willing to participate in researches that focus on finding better solutions to our environmental challenges.


    Title: “Environmental Health”


    Synopsis: Health issues are increasing everyday as a result of environmental pollution, mainly of water, air and soil/land pollution. Water pollution as a result of oil spill for example, may lead to death of several marine species and is also dangerous to human health. • Water pollution can cause water to be contaminated which if taken by humans or animals can result in intestinal infection. Infected human or animal waste in turn when disposed in water can contaminate it and the cycle goes on. Not only that, the decrease in quality of air (air pollution) leads to several respiratory problems including asthma or lung cancer. • Air pollution is mainly cause by ‘fossil fuel combustion, as well as various gases and toxins released by industries and factories’ (FirstCarbon Solution 2018). Too much exposure to polluted air can lead to many health issues such as heart and lung diseases. Soil/land pollution is another growing concern to human health. It is caused by the presence of chemicals and alterations to soil composition. Soil pollution is mainly caused by industrial activity ,agricultural chemicals, or unsuitable disposal of man-made waste. • Water pollution destroys food chain foundation and in turn affect human and animal health. Polluted soil contaminates drinking water in rivers and other water sources through rain water. Not only that, crops and plants that are grown on polluted soil absorb much of the pollution and in turn this is passed on to us through our food. This could explain the sudden increase in small and terminal illnesses around the world. Solutions/Researches in area of environmental health: Researchers and specialist in environmental investigate many aspects of human health and the environment. Environmental pollution needs to be controlled. A lot of efforts are being made to limit environmental pollution by controlling air pollution, wastewater treatment, solid-waste management, hazardous-waste management, and recycling (Nathanson 2018). Researches in the field of environmental health focus on reducing the effects of environmental pollution on health through clean air, clean water and safe food, among others. Clean Air: • Planting trees/vegetation According to United States Department for Agriculture (USDA 2013) trees can make the environment healthier by removing particles from polluted air such as carbon dioxide that is harmful to human health. • Laws/Acts on air pollution (industries, driving, planes) Clean Water: Maintaining clean water is also an important aspect of environmental health. According to (SFGATE) dispassion of hazardous materials correctly is another way of making the environment healthier, such as keeping paints, motor oil from the water supply. Some other ways of maintaining clean water in our environment include (SFGATE 2018): • Recycle Used Items • Cleaning up of areas of our community • Avoid disposal of hazardous materials into rivers or streams Soil/Land Protection: Healthy soil/land: • Reducing the use of harmful products and their disposal into soil can prevent land pollution. Some actions that may reduce land pollution include maintaining all underground storage tanks, like oil and septic, always looking for signs of leakage in the soggy areas and not burning trash, particularly plastics or tires, as the residue in the smoke will settle and pollute the soil.   References: FirstCarbon Solution (2018) Top Environmental Problems and their Impact on Global Business, online: Accessed: [13th May 2018]. Nathanson, J.A. ( 2018) Pollution: Environment, online:, Accessed [13th May 2018]. USDA (2013) Forest Service Study Finds Urban Trees Removing Fine Particulate Air Pollution, Saving Lives, Online:


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