Sophie Degagny – Circular Value Chains Manager, HSSMI, UK

    • Sophie Degagny – Circular Value Chains Manager, HSSMI, UK's presentations

    Sophie is the Circular Value Chains Manager at HSSMI, responsible for determining and delivering the future direction of the business in Circular Economy and Sustainability areas. She previously worked for 5 years in Veolia, the UKs largest water, energy and waste utility, as Innovation Manager and for 3 years in Olleco as Head of Circular Economy.
    Sophie is a qualified Agronomist and Environmental Engineer passionate about responsible and circular business delivering profit and environmental benefits.


    Title: “The potential for Remanufacturing in the UK”


    Synopsis: Remanufacturing presents a huge financial and environmental opportunity for the UK. Estimates suggest that the value of remanufacturing in the UK is £2.4 billion, with the potential to increase to £5.6 billion alongside the creation of thousands of skilled jobs. Further, the remanufacturing of products results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, material use and water consumption when compared to the manufacture of new products. Remanufacturing can be considered one element of the wider ‘circular economy’, where products and components are designed, made and reused. Presentation will look at – Current reman market – Benefits of remanufacturing – Basics of Design for Remanufacturing.


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