Rosa Kwok – Research Associate in Early Literacy Development, University of Coventry

    • Rosa Kwok – Research Associate in Early Literacy Development, University of Coventry's presentations

    Rosa is a research associate at the Centre for Advances in Behavioural Sciences, Coventry University. Over the past ten years, she has been focusing on the literacy development of monolingual and bilingual children. Rosa is currently developing her social enterprise in order to help bilingual parents to have access to scientifically proven literacy development programme for their children.


    Title: “When Education meets Business: using social enterprise to get the scientific intervention go beyond the ivory tower”


    Synopsis: Academics have often been viewed as the tenants in the Ivory Tower and that the work that they do will often not be applicable in the ‘real world’. This does not have to be the case. In this talk, I am going to demonstrate some of the work that the literacy team of Coventry University has been doing over the past three years in order to demonstrate how we are using social enterprise as an engine to bridge the gap between education and business. Through valid scientific research, we are able to answer interesting and practical questions, e.g. what’s the best way to invest the money to improve the literacy skills of my children? If I train my children’s memory, will this help my children to get a better score in school? In this talk, the audience will be able to see how valid scientific research can help parents to make the best decision in their real life. The literacy team welcomes collaboration with the industry. Please feel free to contact Rosa through


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