Phil Hearn – Director, MRDC Software Ltd and CX Zebra

    • Phil Hearn – Director, MRDC Software Ltd and CX Zebra's presentations

    Title: “5 myths about Customer Experience Feedback”


    Synopsis: Customer Experience (CX) Measurement and Feedback has become a buzzword across many industries. Understanding and improving the Customer Journey is cited as the key to becoming a successful business. But, is this true? The talk will question some of the myths around Customer Feedback and look at what gives real ROI. Each will be covered in the talk: Myth 1 – NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a reliable way of checking your route to profitability. It isn’t. It can be helpful but it should not be the only goal. Myth 2 – Price has nothing to do with Customer Experience. Yes, it is. Myth 3 – Mapping the Customer Journey solves everything It might, but it usually leaves big holes. Myth 4 – Social media analytics are unreliable and don’t help Yes, many social media analytics are inaccurate, but social media data with low levels of ‘noise’ can be produced and give valuable insights – and quickly. Myth 5 – In depth customer surveys identify Customer Experience problems.


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