Phil Hadfield – Sales Manager UK, Rockwell Automation

    • Phil Hadfield – Sales Manager UK, Rockwell Automation's presentations

    With over 25 years’ experience in the Automation sector working in industries as varied as Automotive, Consumer, Power and Process. Phil has excellent knowledge of the benefits of digital manufacturing, bolstered by firsthand experience as to how ‘The Connected Enterprise’ can revolutionize businesses of all sizes.


    Title: “Using The Connected Enterprise to revolutionise the Supply Chain”


    Synopsis: Leading global Industrial Technology Company Rockwell Automation, and their UK Technical Distributor Routeco present an overview of how modern industrial technology can seamlessly link up the supply chain. In a Connected Enterprise enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, supply-chain activities are digitally coordinated. This allows suppliers to react in real time when problems arise. More importantly, The Connected Enterprise offers powerful supply-chain advantages: • Suppliers can respond instantly to end-customer demand signals • Logistics plans can be created as production is scheduled • Agile plants can optimize resources based on real-time data regarding demand • Customers can monitor the status of products and prepare for delivery • Business analytics can improve performance across the supply chain This new transparency across the supply chain offers significant opportunities for improved productivity and profitability, as well as reduced costs (e.g., lower inventories, improved labor and asset utilization).


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