Peter Acton – Chairman, Logistics Leaders Network UK

    • Peter Acton – Chairman, Logistics Leaders Network UK's presentations

    I am a fully qualified traffic engineer and transport planner who moved into writing about all aspects of transport and logistics. I was the youngest editor of Motor Transport, the weekly road freight transport business newspaper and was runner-up twice in national journalist awards. In 1988, I launched the first UK logistics magazine Distribution Business.

    At the same time I started a marketing PR and events consultancy in the transport, logistics and constructions sectors. I managed over 100 PR campaigns; won 27 national awards for clients; launched four awards industry award schemes; created 19 newsletters and helped over 50 companies and organisations improve their brand recognition.

    I created the Logistics Leaders Network as a platform for emerging leaders to share best practice hear about the latest innovations and be exposed to the latest strategic thoughts on supply chain and logistics. The Logistics Leaders Network has attracted over 4,800 professionals to its meetings events, lunches and workshops since its launch in 2010.


    Title: “Logistics is the glue that holds the economy together.”


    Synopsis: Logistics is all about having the right stock or parts in the right place at the right time at an optimal price. To keep the wheels of UK plc turning it takes the dedication, professionalism and skills of 2.3m to make it happen every minute of every day. Agile Supply Chains also need a high quality transport infrastructure to make the economy run smoothly. Something successive governments have been neglecting and could pay a high price for in the future.


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