Mike Price – Director, MPA Group.

  • Mike Price founded MPA Group in 2007, tailoring the business to support UK’s innovators and entrepreneurs. MPA Group is a tax specialist company which advises innovative UK businesses on how to fully benefit from government funding schemes like Patent Box or R&D tax credits. We believe that growth through innovation is at the heart of the future success of the UK – we want to support UK companies by helping them to obtain funding, create jobs and access the markets they need to thrive.
    Many businesses struggle to identify which schemes they qualify for or what they can claim for, as well as how different schemes might work together. We support innovative businesses, guiding them through this process with a team of technical experts and tax specialists, who have so far secured over £145million in government funding for our clients.


    Title: “Patent Box: Halving your Corporation Tax”


    Synopsis: Some tax reliefs supporting investment in new technology and innovation are well known; R&D Tax relief for example has benefited 25,000 companies to the tune of £2.9bn. Others such as Patent Box are less well understood. Mike Price will give a practical guide to maximising value from this generous HMRC relief. He’ll and use real life examples of successful claims and set out the practical steps businesses should follow.


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