Mike Curtis-Rouse – Lead Manufacturing Technologist, Satellite Applications Catapult

    • Mike Curtis-Rouse – Lead Manufacturing Technologist, Satellite Applications Catapult's presentations

    Mike focuses on the development of advanced materials and manufacturing processes for space including propulsion systems, launch vehicles, spacecraft and supply chain technologies. He is an evangelist for the utilization of manufacturing processes which are disruptive to both supply chain and material processing, with the aim of empowering companies, and giving them the ability to compete globally.

    Presentation Title: Building Better Rockets.

    Space isn’t hard. Getting there isn’t hard either. But getting there cost effectively, consistently and reducing the risk to payload – satellite or human, now that’s hard! Advanced manufacturing has a key role to play in building launch vehicles and spacecraft, but that is only part of the equation, the other part is the selection of the right material, alloy or plastic, ceramic or composite. Combining novel manufacturing and new materials is going to be key in making space easy, in essence, to build a better rocket, we need to start with better ingredients. This talk will look at how new materials, manufacturing processes and innovation can ensure that space is not only easy, but commercially attractive too.


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