Maxine Goodey – Senior Consultant, AES Sustainability Consultants

    • Maxine Goodey – Senior Consultant, AES Sustainability Consultants's presentations

    Maxine is an experienced sustainability professional who provides sound advice on issues impacting building projects, ranging from energy efficiency and construction waste management, to the importance of maximising biodiversity opportunities. Maxine is a qualified BREEAM AP, licenced BREEAM Assessor and has an MSC in Environmental Consultancy.


    Title: “BREEAM 2018, a welcome change?”


    Synopsis: BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings. The BRE have recently made some major changes to the New Construction scheme for buildings. This includes changes to in-use energy performance monitoring, post occupancy evaluation and the addition of a third stage certification process. The changes could be considered a step too far, highlighting issues around additional costs versus real added value. However these changes could also be seen to address a number of issues facing the building industry by encompassing all the pillars of sustainability, resulting in better buildings for us to live and work in.


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