Martin Clancy – Enterprise Account Manager, Idox

  • Commercial manager always seeking to discover partnering opportunities and operational efficiencies through data analysis and the intelligent application of new technology.

    Helping companies and clients to discover and evaluate commercial opportunities through data analysis and then creating content marketing campaigns to exploit these opportunities is a recurring theme in Martin’s career.

    With extensive experience across the leisure and software sectors, he has developed digital platforms for leading football clubs, universities, banks and zoos since the days when the digital sector’s trade magazine was called ‘New Media Age’.

    The principles of relevance, targeting and timing learnt in the days of direct marketing are more important than ever and are used by Martin to enable clients to discover and disseminate funding content efficiently to those who need it.

    Now supporting research institutions across academia and leading businesses to exploit their research capabilities, Martin is increasingly working with tech start-ups and major corporations to ramp up their research impact and growth plans.


    Title: “Unlocking the world of research funding”


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