Lee Bown – Managing Director, Recart

  • I founded Recart, in 2003, as I saw the need for an ethical recruitment company that a professional and high-quality consultative approach rather than a client-supplier sales transaction approach.

    Recart is a global recruitment consultancy, specialising in engineering, technical and executive roles.

    I guided the company through the challenges of an economic recession and an extremely competitive industry, by investing in good people and ideas.

    We aren’t the biggest name in recruitment out there, but we recruit for some of the biggest engineering brands.

    Traditional recruitment focuses on ‘the what’… What the salary is. What the keywords are. What the job adverts throw back. What the bonus is. What the short-term gain is.

    My approach focuses on ‘the why’… Why each role is important. Why each company is different. Why people are motivated.

    Matching the right people, motivations, and ideologies rather than just the right keywords and material desires; that’s what produces successful, long-term hires.

    Clients come to us because a reliance on robots, algorithms and keywords doesn’t deliver. My business puts the control of recruitment back into their hands because good questions and a professional partnership enables us to help them identify and best portray their unique needs.

    I love recruitment because I love solving business problems and helping our clients grow and succeed. We also relish the opportunity to guide and coach our candidates, to help them fulfil their potential and land their perfect job.

    Furthermore, I have implemented a work-life balance for Recart employees and focus on each individual’s development – professionally and individually, through personal coaching.

    I am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, which enables me to instil belief and growth into my team to show them anything is achievable.


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