Joanna Reeves – Director, Eidos Consulting

  • Jo Reeves is director and co-founder of Eidos Consulting; a workforce development and management company that work with manufacturing and engineering companies to support their workforce competency and skills development needs. Jo also has extensive experience in apprenticeship management and assessment, and delivers management training across a number of sectors.


    Title: “Managing your workforce competency for business success”


    Synopsis: Understanding and supporting your employees’ skills development is an essential element of running a successful business: It can ensure that your business has the skills needed to deliver on your customers’ requirements, as well as demonstrate workforce competency for compliance reasons, or to support bids. During this session, we will show you how effective management of your employee training and development processes can to help you to: • Understand the skills and knowledge that your workforce already have • Create a robust process for developing staff skills as required for the business • Improve staff morale with a comprehensive professional development process • Manage transfer of knowledge so that skills are not lost when employees leave your organisation.


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