James Geary – Head of Corporate Tax, Randall & Payne

    • James Geary – Head of Corporate Tax, Randall & Payne's presentations

    James has been working in the tax profession for twenty years, and has a particular focus on R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box, Capital Allowances, investment tax reliefs and corporate structuring. Randall & Payne is an award winning independent firm based just outside Cheltenham. Since joining the firm in August 2014 their clients have saved nearly £9 million in tax from R&D Tax Relief alone.

    James also sits on the Owner Managed Business sub-committee of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, providing input into submissions to government on proposed tax changes, and is also the Chairman of the Severn Valley Branch of the Institute.


    Title: “R&D Tax Credits – turning innovation into cash support”


    Synopsis: James will explain the workings of the R&D tax credit scheme with HMRC, presented in an easy to understand form light on technical jargon and illustrated with real life case studies.


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