Guillaume Darmouni – Business Manager, Energy Efficiency, Veolia UK

    • Guillaume Darmouni – Business Manager, Energy Efficiency, Veolia UK's presentations

    Guillaume is passionate about tackling climate change with technology, smart engineering and good business sense. He has worked for growing sustainable energy companies in the UK, France and Canada covering fields of solar PV, infrastructure and Energy Efficiency. At Veolia, the UK leading resource management company, he helps buildings to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.


    Title: “Green Buildings – Can the UK scale up?”


    Synopsis: In the UK, buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumed and greenhouse gas emissions and over 50% are rated D or lower for energy performance. With the emergence of new technologies, regulations and the changing needs of occupants, the building energy efficiency market is growing rapidly, a promise to deliver tangible environmental, financial and operational benefits. Will building energy efficiency be the new green boom? What challenges need to be overcome? What business model will make a large-scale greening of our cities possible?


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