Graham Simmonds – Managing Director, Green Rewards

  • Graham is managing director and founder of Green Rewards, the company that operates the employee engagement scheme, JUMP, and the household recycling rewards scheme, Local Green Points. Prior to Green Rewards he was the founding chief executive of Trees for Cities, and is now a Trustee on the charity’s Board.


    Title: Engaging your people in sustainability – how to create long-term engagement in environmental sustainability and wellbeing

    Synopsis: Green Rewards are experts in employee engagement. Their JUMP programme has been implemented in financial institutions, universities and companies across the UK and has achieved impressive results, including over 1 million positive actions recorded across client schemes. This talk will use case studies to demonstrate how JUMP’s use of gamification, technology and incentives has been able to successfully generate behaviour change, where other initiatives have failed. Green Rewards’ innovative approach has helped their clients save energy and work towards their carbon reduction targets.


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