Dr. Marc Walker – XPS Facility Manager, University of Warwick

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    Marc Walker has over 15 years experience in academic surface analysis techniques and has been the Warwick XPS Facility Manager since 2012. With a background in metal alloys and oxides, Marc has expanded his research through working with both academia and industry to span the scientific spectrum from cellular biology to engineering. This broad range of expertise leaves Marc ideally placed to lend his experience to complex industrial projects where surface analysis can be beneficial, evidenced by multiple collaborations with industry and a burgeoning publication list.


    Title: “A Journey Through the Sciences: A Multidisciplinary Approach to XPS in Surface Analysis”


    Synopsis: In this presentation I will give several examples of how x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), a technique for analysing surface composition and compound identification, can be useful in industrially-relevant projects including oil refinery, photovoltaics for solar cells and semiconductors for electronic devices. Our journey will cover biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, while also introducing both the XPS Facility and Research Technology Platforms which are available for industrial usage at The University of Warwick.


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