Dr. Bilal Kaddouh – Research Fellow, University of Leeds

    • Dr. Bilal Kaddouh – Research Fellow, University of Leeds's presentations

    Dr. Bilal Kaddouh(BK) is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds focusing on the design of aerial robotics systems for autonomous inspection and maintenance of cities infrastructure. His research interest is centred around the field of robotics and unmanned systems design, management and control. Bilal is a qualified drone operator with 6 years’ experience. He has a wide experience in autonomous UAS development and operation and has organized, and been involved, in numerous flight test campaigns. Bilal concentrates on applied engineering problems hence flight testing and robotic demonstrations make up a good part of his work. He aims to bridge the field know-how together with the research and technical knowledge to design new specialized systems that are made to operate in real environment and not just in a sterilised lab. Bilal holds a BEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut, a MSc in Robotics from King’s College London and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Manchester.


    Title: “UAVs in Self-Repairing Cities”


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