Dr Alex Martin – Senior Regulatory Consultant, RINA

    • Dr Alex Martin – Senior Regulatory Consultant, RINA's presentations

    Dr Alex Martin is Senior Regulatory Consultant at the global testing, inspection, certification and engineering consultancy business, RINA. Alex has over 10 years’ experience working on product regulatory, standards and policy issues pertaining to the supply of electrical and electronic equipment in the UK and internationally. Alex is knowledgeable on a range of EU and UK product safety, performance and environmental legislation affecting electrical and electronic equipment including CE marking laws like LVD, EMCD, ecodesign and RoHS as well as batteries, WEEE and packaging laws and the REACH Regulation.
    Prior to joining RINA, Alex had responsibility for product quality/compliance and responsible sourcing at a UK consumer goods supplier; worked as a technical officer at AMDEA, the UK trade association for manufacturers of household appliances; and held an engineering post at a major electronics multinational.


    Title: “Ensuring you make a safe, compliant product: CE marking directives and other laws, now and post-Brexit”


    Synopsis: If you are involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of electrical and electronic equipment in the UK and elsewhere you will need to meet applicable product regulatory requirements. Failing to do so presents a risk of putting an unsafe product or machine into service and/or on the market. There is also a risk of failing to meet performance requirements and contravening environmental legislation (e.g. relating to energy performance or material-level substance restrictions). Avoiding these risks means first identifying and understanding what regulation applies to your product then taking steps to comply. The presentation will introduce some key CE marking legislation for you to be aware of (e.g. LVD, EMCD, RoHS) as well as other laws like REACH. The focus will be UK and European, but laws from other countries around the world will be mentioned to give you a feel for global market access. Mention will also be made of Brexit and the implications it poses to product regulation in the UK.


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