Denise Brinton – Sales and Marketing Manager, Staysafe PPE Ltd

    • Denise Brinton – Sales and Marketing Manager, Staysafe PPE Ltd's presentations

    Denise Brinton has some 40 years’ managerial experience in logistics, manufacturing and, latterly, engineering. In a continual quest for cost savings, she came upon the idea of washing protective gloves on an industrial scale. All forward- thinking glove manufacturers now produce gloves which can be washed up to 10 times, Kevlar for example is strengthened by the wash process. From a standing start in 2017, the family business now sanitises, sorts, and returns viable pairs of gloves to household food processors, waste management companies and engineers, all over the UK, saving up to 70% on glove purchase budgets. Unviable gloves are sent for high temperature incineration so there is zero landfill impact, invaluable for ISO 14001 accreditation and CSR policies.


    Title: “‘Saving the Earth’ , Cost and environmental savings to be made by recycling your protective gloves and hi-viz for re-use”


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