David Gavins – Sales Director, BCMS

  • David leads the Business Advisory Team at Mergers & Acquisitions specialists BCMS, helping business owners understand their full range of sale and succession planning options. An experienced board-level executive, David ran his own marketing business for a number of years, following roles as Client Services Director at PwC and as a Director at Ernst & Young.


    Title: Selling up? How manufacturing businesses are bought and sold in 2018

    Synopsis: Every wondered who the likely buyer for your business is? In this entertaining introduction to the world of business sales, David busts some of the myths of Mergers & Acquisitions, using real-life examples from BCMS’ range of successful manufacturing and supply chain transactions. He’ll explore motives for sale, the different deal types available, and why acquirers – both in the UK and across the globe – are actively targeting niche, specialist companies in your sector. You’ll leave with new insights on the world of M&A in 2018, and an understanding of what makes a company attractive to acquirers and investors alike.


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