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    In 1995 Chris graduated with an engineering masters from Birmingham University. He Joined ford initially as a program office engineer but moved on into the world of PLM where he supported Ford, European Powertrain operations. Here he gained a good understanding of process engineering and plant design. Chris then became a freelance consultant but success in various projects let to the development of the business into an company specialising in Technical Training delivery and Software .
    In 2005 he decided to downsize and became a University lecturer at UWTSD (swansea) . His aim was to teach not only technical skills but also to give a sense of how vehicle programs are put together. In 2010 the lure of entrepreneurship was too much! Chris left the university to rejoin his consultant colleagues and also to spearhead the development of an easy to use process simulation tool which is being launched in 2018.


    Title: “7+1 reasons why your production capacity calculations are over-optimistic”


    Synopsis: The basic formula for production volume is simple enough. However, in the real world machines need maintenance or can break down. There are component or labour shortages . You might see quality problems leading to scrap or be unable to ship your finished products. Finally there is variation in real cycle times. Able mathematicians among you will be able to adjust your calculations accordingly. However, these calculations will still tend to be over-optimistic due to the nature of randomness. In this talk Chris will explain how a well structured simulation gives a true picture of production capacity and also explains the week by week variation you can expect to see in your production figures.


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