Chris Sherwin – Director, reboot innovation

  • Chris has 20 years experience in the sustainability field, specializing in connecting environmental and social responsibility with innovation, design and marketing. He recently set up reboot innovation – a consultancy on a mission to change what and how we innovate for the greater good. Previously he was Head of Sustainability in creative agencies Seymourpowell, Dragon Rouge and Interbrand, Head of Innovation at influential sustainability advisory group Forum for the Future, as well as working client-side in sustainability positions in Philips Electronics and Electrolux.
    Notable recent projects include the strategy and design for the worlds first modular, repairable and ethically sourced smartphone – the award-winning fairphone 2; being the creative and technical partners helping AkzoNobel/Dulux to develop and launch a mainstream recycled paint; and strategic work to help Yeo Valley launch ‘Left Yeovers’ – a dairy innovation uses surplus food that would otherwise go to waste.
    Chris has consulting experience with companies including: Unilever, ebay, sony ericsson, Mars, PepsiCo, Nestle, Sainsburys, BASF, Sony, Samsung, to name just a few.
    He is a recognised thought leader on sustainable design and innovation, and regularly presents on these issues at conferences. Chris holds a PhD in this area, titled ‘Innovative Ecodesign’, from Cranfield University.


    Title: “Sustainable Innovation: the need and opportunity to rethink and redesign todays products and services”


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