Belle Nairac – Head of Sales, Bolt Learning

  • Over the last 8 years Belle has worked for both Food and Drink manufacturers in a Account Management role, as well as 3 years working for a leading shopper research and consultancy company in Business Development. Belle has focused on helping grow brands within the UK Convenience and Grocery market by understanding how to engage more effectively with consumers.

    Belle is now Head of Sales at Bolt Learning. Using her wealth of experience in the grocery retail sector, as well as her passion for learning and development, she works with food manufacturers and retailers to create online training solutions which ensure compliance, improve performance and deliver growth.



    Title: Health & Safety: UK Manufacturing is getting it wrong

    Synopsis: Creating an innovative and efficient manufacturing & supply chain ecosystem is critical, but how do we also ensure it’s safe, for our employees and our customers. While most manufacturing companies take health & safety training very seriously, very few have measures of how effective it actually is; is it really changing mind-set and behaviour? Belle will explain how by embracing new technologies and the latest learning techniques, UK manufacturing can revolutionise the way they do health and safety training and manage compliance.


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