Barry Bolton – Chairman, ACM Environmental PLC

  • Barry Bolton, Chairman and Co-founder of ACM Environmental PLC has over 25 years in the waste management and environmental technology industry. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, Barry has helped transform their operations in order to work towards a zero waste outcome. Being a member of the All Party Parlimentary Climate Change Group, Barry is kept updated and informed on all climate change issues, as well as being advocate supporters of ZSL (Zoological Society of London), he has a keen desire to protect biodiversity and look after the planet. ACM Environmental PLC have also been nominated and winners for multiple awards in the National Recycling Awards 2018, 2017 and CIWM Sustainability and Resource Awards 2017.


    Title: “Embracing a Zero Waste World”


    Synopsis: In a world with increasing waste levels and its consequential impact on our environment, there is an ever-increasing need to transform our thinking and the cultural generation towards the treatment of waste. Barry will talk through the dynamics behind the need for this change and how his organisation and marketplace are looking to help UK businesses onto the greenest possible path.


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