Anna Shams – Assistant Project Manager, Arcadis LLP

    • Anna Shams – Assistant Project Manager, Arcadis LLP's presentations

    Anna is RAMS specialist and has completed her MSc in Radiation Detection and Instrumentation and her BSc Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics. She has worked on major urban and infrastructure projects such as; Crossrail, London Bridge Station Redevelopment, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).


    Title: “Reforestation and Sustainability”


    Synopsis: Anna will be speaking about the sustainable development goals and the current global challenges. She will explain the causes and effects of deforestation and the importance of recovering and repairing the lands. China has developed a technique to turn its deserts into farmlands and forests and has announced its plan to turn 6.6million hectares reforestation. So, what are the benefits?


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