Ann Thadzi – Business Development Director, Groundwork West Midlands

    • Ann Thadzi – Business Development Director, Groundwork West Midlands's presentations

    Ann has over 13 years experience of working with businesses across the West Midlands to help them to find solutions to enable them to growth and thrive. Ann has also spent many years overseas in developing countries working on a number of NGO projects. Ann has a deep passion for working with organsations to improve the lives and build opportunities and prospects for the communities they serve. She firmly believes that by working together, we can all benefit.


    Title: “Environmental sustainability makes good business sense”


    Synopsis: Groundwork West Midlands EBS is part of Groundwork West Midlands Trust (a not for profit organisation) and delivers a wide range of high quality environmental, health and safety support and training services to organisations across the West Midlands region. By working with us, you are supporting our work to create better neighbourhoods, to build skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a greener way. You will be supporting hundreds of individual projects we undertake each year across the West Midlands to benefit both people and the wider environment. Additionally, Groundwork West Midlands offers practical, low cost solutions to your organisations’ challenges. Services include landscape design, legal compliance, ERDF funding, volunteering days and support with your recruitment needs.


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