Andy Hopcraft – Technical Director, Halpenfield Ltd, UK

    • Andy Hopcraft – Technical Director, Halpenfield Ltd, UK's presentations

    Andy has delivered cutting-edge data management, analysis and visualisation solutions, along with best-practice advice, for 25 years and has specific detailed knowledge of the supply chain and logistics industries. He has championed the Agile approach to project delivery and helps companies to break down barriers between business and IT functions.


    Title: “Modernise and Turbocharge Your Logistics & Supply Chain Analytics.”


    Synopsis: Today’s supply chains are supported by advanced networking technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as sensors, telemetry, tracks, tags and other smart devices. This has seen an explosion in the volume and variety of data available to the operation. Supply chain professionals, however, are largely unable to take advantage of the real potential of this data due to the lack of skills to transform it into a structure that can be analysed and then to visualise it to make better and informed decisions. This session will focus on advanced visualisation, analytics and modern toolsets to show how your organisation can quickly and easily put in place complete visibility of the operation to help reduce costs and increase compliance and productivity.


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