Andy Cox – Partner, Control Risks, UK

  • Andy is a Partner in the Security Risk Consulting business in Control Risks. He delivers risk consulting services and business protection advice to Control Risks’ clients across Europe and Africa. Andy has experience in advising a wide range of clients across a broad spectrum of business sectors on and has delivered Security Transformation Programmes as well as corporate and operational security, business continuity and crisis management services. Prior to working at Control Risks and worked for Deloitte’s Resilience and Security practice and before that Andy served as a British Army Officer where his responsibilities included force integration, risk management as well as training and leadership development.


    Title: “Managing 3rd party supply chain risk”


    Synopsis: Rising complexities and diversification in the global risk landscape pose new challenges to supply chain (“SC”) risk management, in this brief presentation we will outline how organisations might reduce both likelihood and impact of supply chain risks and address any existing risks in order to stay ahead of emerging risks.


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