Adele Gammarano – Terminal Project Integrator, Gatwick Airport Limited

    • Adele Gammarano – Terminal Project Integrator, Gatwick Airport Limited's presentations

    I am a project integrator for the terminals team at Gatwick Airport. This role bridges the gap between Construction and the Operational teams, to ensure both are aligned before/during and after construction works in safeguarding passenger experience and a stable operation. Improving our infrastructure and improving efficiency in our operation are the top priorities to create a smooth passenger journey. I have been at Gatwick for two years and in my previous role was an Airline Performance Manger, focusing mainly on On Time Departures, a very big challenge, helping keep a smooth operation at the UK’s second largest airport and the most efficient single-runway airport in the world! Previous to this, I have been working as senior Cabin Crew for an Asian Airline and able to see the most amazing places around the world. I had a great opportunity to work and meet with the most inspiring people throughout my career, I have a true passion for the Aerospace Industry and often get involved in sharing my life journey with young people and help organizing for them aviation school outreach programmes.


    Title: “A day in the life of a Terminal Manager”


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